Drakyo Project

👀 January Update Post 👀
5 months ago

Hello Again everyone! We hope you been having a fantastic 2020 so far along with keeping up with your new year resolutions! 😏 With another month passing and with that progress in development and new team members joining team! We have a lot of stuff to showcase this month with the hardwork from our team! 

Our New Team Members

●  Kiyz "Web / Java Developer"

●  Meo "Builder"

●  Mr.Saaed "Builder"

●  Pureship "Builder"

●  Haiysei "Mob Creator"

●  Chaos "Lore Writer" 

●  ModdifiedGamer...

✨ Happy New Year! ✨
6 months ago

Happy new year everyone! We've been working hard these past few weeks to get our website ready for the ...